The city no longer exists… long live the city!

AESOP Young Academics

Dear urbanists, urban planners, traffic planners, architects and others,

Our work is done.

Recently Google Maps does not show the same things to everyone. The uncrowned world leader in digital mapping breaks the tradition to display the city on a universal manner. Since everybody is unique, Google now shows your individual city: places, according to Google which are interesting to you.

Perhaps this doesn’t surprise you. Neither does us. Not yet. After all, it’s just on a screen isn’t it? But wait! Within a few years you will wear a Ray Ban designer sunglasses from Google during your holidays. And so will thousands of others.

The city will get fragmented when 4G, wifi, smart gear and augmented reality will coincide with each other. Your city is no longer my city, your city is no longer our city. The city no longer exists… long live the city!

There is a quiet…

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About avgivassi

PhD student| MSc Urban Planner| Surveyor Engineer National Technical University of Athens School of Surveying Engineering Sustainable Mobility Unit (SMU)
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