Knowledge Center for Cycling Policy in The Netherlands

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A limited number of data on bicycle use in the Netherlands can be found in Cycling in the Netherlands. The data on trends in bicycle use have been analysed regularly.  The latest broad analysis: Monitoring bicycle policies 1996-1999. Before that, the English version of the final report of Masterplan Fiets: The Dutch Bicycle Master Plan. Gradually these analyses have provided increasingly stronger evidence  in favour of the efficacy of bicycle policies (Evidence in favour of efficacy bicycle policies) and Bicycle policies have mainly long-term effects (Fietsbeleid werkt vooral op de lange termijn), particularly thanks to the data that became available as a result of the Fietsbalans benchmarking by Fietsersbond (Good local policies huge incentive for bicycle use). This led to the development of an arithmetic module containing autonomous circumstances in addition to policy measures, which accounts to a large extent for the differences in bicycle use among various cities: Explanatory model for bicycle use. Highly enlightening about the type of bicycle use and bicycle policies in the Netherlands: Learning from the Dutch laboratory.


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