CycleCities Event in Piraeus

Municipality of Piraeus invites you to the Final Event of the CycleCities Project in Piraeus, Greece,on the 11th-13th of November 2014.

The 3-days event will include:

-The 7th Interregional Forum, on 11/11/2014, focused on: “Planning for Port-Cities: Sustainable Mobility Policies & Solutions”

-The 3rd and Final International Conference, on 12/11/2014 focused on: Cycling Planning in Europe and CycleCities contribution. The Greek case

The final Conference is co-organised by the Municipality of Piraeus and the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers,

-The 8th interregional workshop, on 13/11/2014, focused on: “Cost-benefit analysis on Public and Private Investments on Cycling”, only for CycleCities partners.

We are looking forward to your participation and vivid contribution.

You can see the full programme here


About avgivassi

PhD student| MSc Urban Planner| Surveyor Engineer National Technical University of Athens School of Surveying Engineering Sustainable Mobility Unit (SMU)
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One Response to CycleCities Event in Piraeus

  1. Pip Howson says:

    Well done CycleCities great event learned lots of good ideas.

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