Announcement of the 5th Congress of Active Mobility

INTERREG IVC project CycleCities holds 2nd conference and 7th Interregional forum within the biggest mobility event in eastern Europe – Congress of Active Mobility.

Organizers – The City of Gdansk and Polish Union of Active Mobility – expect more than 350 sustainable mobility enthusiasts to attend 5th Active Mobility Congress – two-day conference this year, scheduled for September 11-12 at AmberExpo Conference and Convention Centre in Gdansk.

Policy makers, urban and transport planners, researchers and practitioners coming from many countries and cities will be actively seeking to find the potential synergies and the solutions to the challenges of growing cities that are  environmentally sustainable, people friendly and economies attractive and this conference will offer each participant an opportunity to participate in such debates.

The venue composed off a set of international events, including Interregional Forum, Conference and Workshop will become an excellent platform of networking,  presenting & exchanging experience and proposing innovative solutions to the challenges of daily mobility in cities. The theme of the this edition of AMC which is “E-mobility and liveable urban planning” will serve as a starting point to explore the interaction between special dynamics, mobility issues, power of social capital and the sustainable transport innovative technologies.

While the congress will offer the usual mix of keynote speakers, parallel sessions and networking opportunities, it will also include dedicated sessions for policy-makers smart mobility expo, cycling study trip, the Management game and the City Planners board game try out session and a workshop on pro-cycling campaigns.

Interregional Workshop on cycling campaigns will be a very important element of the meeting. The participants will not only learn about different campaigns, which took place in the Tri-city recently, but also work on new ideas and proposals aiming at increasing share of cycling in the modal split and further in activities, intended to improve quality of life in our cities. Moreover, it will be a perfect opportunity to disseminate the results of CycleCities project among a huge number of international audience.

The event will be organised by City of Gdansk (within CycleCities project – co-financed by INTERREG IV C programme) and by Polish Union of Active Mobility – PUMA (within Elmos project – co- financed by South Baltic Programme).

For more information please visit congress website.


About avgivassi

PhD student| MSc Urban Planner| Surveyor Engineer National Technical University of Athens School of Surveying Engineering Sustainable Mobility Unit (SMU)
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